We've all heard of Puppy School for dogs, but did you know there is a Parrot School for birds???  A Parrot Life is long! Train your bird to reach its potential.  Unlike puppies, there is no age restriction for training.  All birds can be trained.

Parrot Socialisation

Group classes offer birds a chance to socialise and learn from other birds.  Observational learning is an excellent way to speed up the learning process.  (Note to be eligible for group classes, birds must have had relevant disease screening tests.)


All sizes and stages

From the untame, to the very tame.  Small to Large.  Young to Old.  All birds are welcome at Parrot School.

Bird Harness & Flight Training

Harness Training is one of the most common goals of parrot owners and is covered in parrot school.  If you don't have a harness, don't worry they're available for purchase at class.


Recall flight is another common goal of class attendees.  If your bird ever accidentally escapes, having the ability to call your bird back to you can be life saving  A safe recall flight training space is used during class, to teach the basics of flight and safely introduce your bird to the outside world.

Basic Training

Get the skills to train any behaviour you want.  There are foundation bird training skills that all good parrot owners should know.  If you get the basics, it's easy to progress to more advanced training


Course Structure

The course comprises of 3 x 2 hr sessions.  Classes usually run fortnightly.  Graduates are then eligible to attend advanced training, social meetups and parrot parties.
Cost is $300 per bird, payable upfront.
Classes are held at Bird Vet Melbourne or via zoom.  Get in touch to reserve your place.